Sunday, December 30, 2012

Brrrberry and Birds...

Jake and I have found a new favorite date place called Brrrberry, and because it's SOOOOO cool and awesome, we wanted to share it with you guys!

This is a blurry pic, but it sorta shows the 1-2-3 steps for having the best Brrrberry experience ever!

1. Grab a Bowl!
2. Get  Yogurt!
3. Top It. Top It. Top It.

There are 6 different flavors of frozen yogurt to choose from! And you also have the totally awesome choice of swirling two flavors together!

Then... comes the toppings. They have EVERYTHING! It's awesome!

Here's my amazing husband, building his creation! 

And here's me! And a bunch of other people coming in to enjoy the frozen yogurt as well!

My ice cream always last longer than Jake's!


Oh, Jake ALWAYS puts a brownie in the bottom of his too! 

The colors are so fun and exciting! 

And they even sell cool t-shirts for only $15.00! I WILL get one someday!


And now on to other things! There was an ugly, blank place above my fridge and stove that has driven me NUTS since moving into this house. I have racked my brain for MONTHS trying to figure out what to put there. Finally... I had this idea.

Jake and I quickly got to work, using some old boards that had been used for a flower bed in the back yard.   I didn't like the flower bed where it was, so I tore it apart and thought, "Hmmm.... I could use these boards for SOMETHING! Well, I'm glad that I kept them!

Here's a sneak peak! We wanted to put a Scripture verse on it... something that would inspire us each day. So we picked out Psalm 51:10, which says, "Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me."

  I printed out the letters on paper, and pasted them together. We taped the letters onto the board, and used a pen to push down and dent the wood, to give us a guide for when we painted on the letters. 

 Here's how they turned out!

I think the birds added a LOT of character! Jake did this side.

Here's the other half! I did this one!

And the other bird!

Here they are! They fill in that empty space wonderfully!

I am lovin' it!

Here they are together...

Just a different angle. 

And that's all, Folks! Hope you've enjoyed the blog post!!!


Jennifer Comstock said...

How on earth!?!?!?! SHOW ME HOW YOU DID THAT! That's an order!

Krys said...

SSSShhhwwweeeet! That is so neat! I'll have to try doing something like that...I really enjoy your posts! The new cover pic is great! Love you guys!

Virginia Ingerson said...

We love it and such a wonderful verse. Love you both!!

Aaron and Naomi said...

I put your blog on my sidebar a little while back, so I'm glad to see you're posting again! I should have you come decorate my house :)

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