Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wow! So I finally am taking time to write a long, overdue post!!!

WARNING! Most of these items below were given to me, found on the road, or bought at yard sales!!! GOD IS SOOOO GOOD TO US!!!!

Krystal came to visit us a few weeks back, so I made her up these pillow cases from a nice fabric shower curtain that I found on the side of the road. FREE! And very pretty, I might add!

Yes, Cracker Barrel sells these for over $30.00. The Lord blessed me with this one for $1.75!

Remember one of my first blog posts about making a tree? Ya... I finally STARTED it, at least!

It's coming along!

I think it's gunna be super cute when it's finished!

So, Jake and I were out throwing the Frisbee and found these doors to an entertainment stand. I knew right away that they could be used for picture frames, so I snagged them! I haven't finished them yet, but I will post pics when I do!

This stand was originally orange, but I sanded it, spray painted it white, then took wood stain and poly and painted it on. I really like the new look. It looks a lot better than bright orange!!!

Ahhh, yes! One of Jake's fondest memories! I downloaded a trial version and made the famous, "Jake Poo's Kiddy Ride". We made one of these YEARS ago when we were kids. He wasn't too thrilled, but Krystal and I got a kick out of it! Lol...

I babysat a little girl named Lily for a few days last month. It was fun, and she's quite a little trooper! 

This is a sign that Lily and I made for her mom!!!

The Ingersons sent me these awesome Pampered Chef spatulas and spoons!!! I was thrilled! And the little country doll in the background :) And this is the start to my chicken pot pie... which Jake LOVED!!!

Krystal sent Jake a pop gun for his bday last year, and this year, she sent me one too!!! We cut off the strings and chase each other around the house with them. And let me tell you!!! Those things can leave welts!!!

For Jake's birthday, I bought him vanilla ice cream and I made him a homemade apple pie! This is before it was cooked. It was good!! But I should have cooked it a little more... but it still tasted YUMMY!

I was given these picture frames at a yard sale, and the signs I got for $.25 each!!!

I got this ivy plant free on the side of the road as well!

I got this sign at a yard sale for a dollar.

Closer view...

The Lord blessed me with a BEAUTIFUL new keyboard! Some of our very good friends knew that I desired a piano, and blessed me with this one!!! It's incredible too!!! 

I wanted to do something with these lemonade bottles, so I used some paint that I found by the road to coat the inside. I'll show you below what I think I might do with them...

I got this apple at Ross for $1.00! I like it!

I got this for a dollar or two at a yard sale...

This was a dollar...

FREE frame!

I was given these candle sticks for my wedding, but I painted them black. I also bought this cute tea kettle for $1.00.


Vase was $1.00 and the leafs were given to me by the Ingersons!

This was $1.00!

A closer look at my spoons and spatulas!

Picture frame -  FREE!! Stand - FREE!! Table Cloth - FREE!!! I used the same fabric for the covering that I did for the pillow cases!

Here's a different view of the tree that I'm making!

I needed something to store some of my craft stuff in, so I painted a shoe box, tore up pieces of scrapbook paper, and used Mod Podge to paste them on!

Here's Lily and Krystal bowling!

Krystal bought this for Jake at Ross! SOOO perfect! And Jake bought me the rolling pin! I was using a water bottle to roll out my crusts, so this is MUCH better!!!

Miss Brittany Brown, a lady from church, gave me a TON of decorations! Some of these are mine.... and some are the ones that she gave me. So when Krystal was here, we decided to place them all in the living room and find places for them! Unfortunately, my creative juices weren't flowing that day, so Krystal did most of the work, lol! Sorry Krystal! 

Closer look.

I decided to put this in our living room since it matched our colors. I'll have to take a picture further back to give you an idea of what it looks like!

My gramma gave me a gift card for my birthday, so I bought a puzzle for Jake and I to work on gradually, when we had time. Well....... we took 5 hours and got it all done at once, lol! It was a blast too! We listened to preaching messages while putting it together!

The puzzle box...

So, this was a project that Jake and I did together! Here it's not complete, but I will take a picture of the completed project for you all to see! We had SOOO much fun putting it together, the old window frame was perfect for the style of this wedding photo!

I needed a stool for my new keyboard, so I found this on clearance at Ross. It WAS leopard print, but I used some of my free paint, and fixed it up!

 I think this is what I might do with the bottles... I am going to put the words THANKFUL across, and somehow decorate the inside of the box and make it country-ish! I can't wait to see how it turns out!

 These are some things that I found free in someone's trash pile. They were moving and decided they didn't want these perfectly good tools!!! Jake and I have been praying for tools, too!

This is a chair that I'm hoping to use for the computer desk chair, once we get a desk, lol! I found it free as well, and decided to take it apart and put some new fabric on it!

See... it was kinda yucky!

I think I'll just do black, but I haven't totally decided yet...

There were 50 million staples to be taken out, but I got them all!

This I made from a wall sticker from Amazon, the remnant of the photo we put in the window pane, and some cork board we used as backing for the picture. I'm going to hang it up by the window picture once I put a hanger on it! 

I have more pics to share... but these will do for now!!! Hope you enjoyed seeing the blessings that God has blessed us with!!!


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Everytime we travel we talk about how fun it would be to stop everytime we see something along the freeway and see what we come up with! Not sure what we'd do with all the shoes that get left out there! Anyway, I enjoyed reading about your treasures you found!

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